O Antiphons

 2017 Advent Quiet Day Conferences

Recordings of the Conferences given as part of the 2017 Advent Quiet Day retreats by the Canons Regular in Charles Town, West Virginia at the Priory. 


Martyrdom Lectures


Martyrdom Lectures 


These talks were given by Dom Alban Baker, CRNJ in June 2017. 

Some Notes on the Martyrdom Lectures from Dom Alban:

"Only notes were used (rather than a written paper), and so sometimes the spontaneous character of the talks gave rise to slips of speech or memory.  In the second talk on the Maccabees, there are two errors: 1) Moses was a direct descendant of Levi, but the Israelites dwelt in Egypt for 430 years, according to Exodus 12.40, and therefore there was a significant time period between Levi and Moses; and 2) in the Mass, the priest is bound to consume the Body and Blood of Christ to consummate the sacrifice, but should he fail to do so, which would constitute a serious liturgical abuse, nevertheless the consecration is valid, but illicit."


The following talk was given by Dom Alban Baker, CRNJ on March 10, 2017. The topic is the Penitential Psalms.