St. Jerome Book & Movie Club



Next Meeting:  Saturday, May 26th, 2018  at 9 am:

Our May meeting will be on Saturday, May 26th at 9am - however note that we are not meeting at Mad Monks this time. The meeting will be at a private location. Please contact Frank and Katie Swerda for more information at kswerda at gmail dot com

We will be discussing two short works from Professor Peter Kreeft. In keeping with our April movie's (Moonstruck) themes of love and identity, we will be reading a short piece on love from Dr. Kreeft's website. We will also be listening to a short (18 min) lecture on identity, which explores what Boethius, C.S. Lewis and Tolkein have to say on the subject.

The links to the article and the MP3 of the audio lecture are below: