Last meeting:   Thanks to Patricia Rucker for the fascinating look into what it is like to be a West Virginia State Senator!!! 

Please note: Meetings are changing to the 4th Sundays:  We are going to try scheduling our meetings on the fourth Sunday of the month—we’ll see how it works out.

Reading/meeting schedule: 

  • This summer (2017):  summers meetings tend to be low attendance, but rather than cancel meetings altogether, those who would like to come and discuss Fr. Owen Francis Dudley’s remaining two books in print are welcome.  (His two additional, and final, novels are more difficult to obtain.)  Although these books deal with very serious topics of eternal consequence—as do all of his books—they are lighter in at least this sense:  they are the only two novels where none of the protagonists die nor are even maimed!    (They also contain brief sections that would not be written today, and have not stood the test of time.)
  •  July 23rd:  The Coming of the Monster (1936).  Not withstanding its title, this novel has lots of humor, and it may be my favorite.  (You may recall that, many months ago, we preformed a humorous skit from this book!)  It was written at a time of economic hardship, and this is Fr. Dudley’s most detailed discussion on economics and Communism.  It also deals with Hollywood, the coarsening of the entertainment industry, and it features a visit to Lourdes.
  • August 27th:  The Tremaynes and the Masterful Monk (1940).  This is the favorite of some, and it attracted the special mention of Fr. John Hardon.  It forms something of a hinge:  from this book forward, Fr. Dudley focused heavily on the ability of human-created beauty to move the human heart towards God:  in this novel, the beauty is art and singing.  Regarding his last two novels:   Michael (1948) focused on gardening, and Last Crescendo (1954) on music (piano).  This is his only novel in which a woman was deliberately treated badly:  and Fr. Dudley was absolutely livid!  He had his Masterful Monk…well, you’ll have to see for yourself. 
  • September and October:  Katie Swerda and Amy Kline will lead a discussion on the first volume in the Kristen Lavransdatter series:  it is entitled The Bridal Wreath or simply The Wreath (depending on the translation).
  • November:   Jeff Force will lead a discussion on G.K. Chesterton’s Napoleon of Notting Hill.