Reading/meeting schedule: Please Notedue to scheduling problems, the order of the next two programs had to be switched.
  • May 21st:   Pageant of Life by Fr. Owen Francis Dudley (led by Brock Fowler)
  • June 18th:  Patricia Rucker will tell us what it is like to be be a WV State Senator!
May meeting Program Notes:  Pageant of Life (1932, fiction, 343 pages, in print) is Fr. Dudley’s darkest novel -- but a redeeming one.  It gives the background story of the young Anselm Thornton who becomes the Masterful Monk throughout the series.  It deals with the lives of the poor more than his other novels.  It gives his most detailed description of war and meditation upon it.  The author’s interest in psychological problems makes an appearance, becoming even more apparent in The Tremaynes.  This book deals with (Communist) atheistic hate, as does The Coming of the Monster and Last Crescendo.  This is also the book that most bluntly addresses sexual sin.
The books are available inexpensively here:, or copies are available for borrowing from Brock & Louise Fowler.