Past Third Order Reading Assignments


More Recent Reading Assignments

The reading for the June 10th meeting was the concluding chapters - Chapters 13 through 15 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here. (Father has recommended purchasing the translation by Edmund Hill, O.P.). 

The reading for the May 13th meeting was Chapters 8 through 12 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here

The reading for the April 15th meeting was Chapters 4 through 7 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here.

Reading from the March 2018 meeting can be downloaded here:

Chapters 1 through 3 from St. Augustine's De Trinitate here.


The First 6 Months

Reading from the February 2018 meeting:

Readings from the January 2018 meeting:


Readings from the December 2017 meeting:


Readings from the November 2017 meeting:

Readings From the October 2017 meeting:

September 2017 meeting:

Initial meeting - no advance reading assignment.